Ditch Twitter for Crowwe, Adamu Garba tells Trump

A former presidential aspirant under the platform of the All Progressives Congress Adamu Garba has called on US President Donald Trump to join an instant messaging platform Crowwe following his ban from Twitter and Facebook.

Mr Trump was knocked off the popular social platforms following his inciteful comments which stirred the invasion of the US Capitol.

However, Mr Garba tweeted on Saturday in agreement with Trump that his ban from the aforementioned platforms were an attack on free speech.

Garba said Trump would have premium seven-star user accounts if he joins Crowwe.

He wrote: “On @CrowweApp, President Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump will have a premium 7 star user accounts.

“Dear guys, help me invite Trump to join Crowwe. We will give him opportunity to say his mind and tell his audience whatever he wishes.

“Crowwe is a symbol of freedom of speech.”

The IT executive said Crowwe would welcome Trump with red carpets.

He also attacked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, accusing him of being confrontational, lacking respect for the elderly and treating Trump harshly.

“Eventually, if you don’t believe in LGBT, feminism, wars, etc, they will come for you & shut you out of the door.

Those of us that believe in religion have a lot to suffer from this. Remember it was foretold in the holy books, remember? To save yourself, join Crowwe right now,” he alleged.

Garba had sued Mr Dorsey to court for appearing to support the #EndSARS campaign which took the nation by storm in October 2020.