Di’ja offers to help young woman with half body


Mavin princess, Di’ja, has revealed her intention to help a disabled 19-year-old lady named Rahma Haruna.

The ‘Aww’ singer shared a video of the lady along with the caption, “Please dm me if you know how to contact this beautiful soul. (SERIOUS INFORMATION please in the name of God). Says she is 19 years old and no she wasn’t born like this. She fell as a child. Her spirit alone shows strength and contentment. I am filled with gratitude, joy and love every day because I am grateful. You should too…Allahu Akbar”.

Within a few minutes, Di’ja was provided with the necessary information about the young woman with half body from Lahdin Makole village, Kano.

Rahma whose picture has been trending on social media since the past week has no functional arms and limbs.

Her brother carries her around in a plastic bowl to beg for alms.