I didn’t trade medicine for acting – Kiki Omeili

Television and film actress, Nkiruka “Kiki” Omeili, may be a popular face on the screen but she has not pulled the plug on her medical career.

Responding to a question by QED, the 2006 graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos said “I didn’t trade medicine for acting. Anybody who knows me knows that I always say that I have two sides to me, the medical side and the entertainment side.

“This is me expressing the entertainment side of me. Everybody knows that when you have it in you, it will not let you rest until you fully explore it. So there hasn’t been any trade. I’m just a girl doing what she loves to do.”

The Anambra State-born beauty who once presented a health programme called ‘Balancing Lives’ and wrote articles for newspapers and blogs.

She however confessed that “I haven’t done a lot of that in recent times owing to my busy acting schedule.”

But with her stethoscope hanging somewhere close to her heart she vowed that medicine is “a part of me that I’m determined to keep alive.”

Having put up stellar performance in feature films like ‘Married but Living Single’, ‘Consenting Adults’, ‘Sting’ and ‘The Antique’, as well as her role as Lovette in the TV series ‘Lekki Wives’ acting sure pays for this daughter of a retired First Bank General Manager.

“I must confess though, that it didn’t in the beginning,” she said of the financial reward from acting,

“But the further you go in your career, the more recognition you get. The more you acquire a fan base, the more acting jobs you get, you command a higher remuneration.

“So now, yes, acting pays the bills.”