Deportation: Nigerians stranded in Dubai accuse FG of abandonment

Nigerians stranded in UAE

Some Nigerians in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), who are facing deportation, have called on the Nigerian government to come to their aid.

The Nigerians calling for help are involved in mass deportation ongoing in the UAE.

In a video that has since gone viral, a male voice is heard saying there were about 200 persons both male and female at a deportation camp.

The voice also alleged that Dubai authorities said they would have nothing to do with them unless the Nigerian embassy intervenes. The voice added that many people have fallen sick at the camp.

A woman whose identity could not be immediately confirmed called out the Nigerian embassy in the UAE in a video also uploaded by an Instagram blogger.

“Nigerians in the diaspora especially in the UAE, do we still have ambassador in the UAE? When there are issues that the embassy or ambassador is supposed to react to, they won’t,” she said.

A woman, who spoke with TVC News on telephone, said they have been at the Dubai deportation camp for over a week without adequate food and care.

She said UAE authorities have been unable to reach the Nigerian Mission.

The woman added that most of them were trafficked to the UAE on the promise of being given jobs but were rather used for sexual exploitation with their travel documents seized.

A recent clash between cult groups involving Nigerians in Dubai may have forced UAE authorities to go after illegal immigrants. The Middle Eastern country has also imposed stiffer measures in granting visas to Nigerians.

Documents from travel agencies show that the new requirements for Nigerians seeking travel access to the UAE include confirmed hotel reservations, a six-month bank statement showing both cash inflows and outflows, and a return ticket.