Defected lawmakers’ drama won’t distract me, says Oshiomhole

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State says he will not be distracted by the impunity and disregard for the rule of law by some lawmakers in the state House of Assembly in the onerous task of bringing development to every part of Edo State.


Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole
Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole

Speaking Tuesday during the inspection of the storm water masterplan project in the state capital, Oshiomhole said “like they have told me, between now and December, we will lay asphalt on this upper Siluko road; it will be six lanes and between then and the middle of next year we will put street lights on the road.

“Let me assure you, all those people who are fighting in the House of Assembly, trying to cause trouble, who want us to bring Government money for them to share, we will not give them. We will use Edo money for Edo people. And with your prayers, we are not afraid. We know that for as long as we work for Edo people, the devil is a liar.”

Some of the residents of the Upper Siluko road area who responded hailed the Governor for the massive drainage system and road network in the area said they stand firmly behind him as they see the good works his administration is doing.

A resident, Mrs. Nonye Umezurike said “a savior has come to us, we are very happy. For many years now, we who are doing petty business here were finding it difficult to earn our daily bread, but God has come to our aid, he has answered our prayers. For years, there was no road for us to get to our homes, we were trekking and swimming inside flood, but today, even when it rains we move on solid ground. I know that after his tenure, his successor must also work for the people because Oshiomhole has set the precedent.”

For Mr. Augustine Ajayi-Obanor, flood had ravaged the Upper Siluko road area for over forty years before the intervention of Governor Oshiomhole’s government.

According to him, “in 1974, when my father went to lay the foundation of that house, he told me that we should build that house far off the old road. He said anytime a good government comes, there will likely be an expansion of roads. I’m happy today that my father who is now 116 years is inside and is witnessing the good government he predicted forty years ago.

“My father reminded me a few days ago about what he said in 1974 and I said, daddy, your dream has come true. It shows that you are a very good governor.”

The Governor had earlier inspected the storm water project at Ewah road and said the contractor will be asked to raise the height of the water barrier to prevent the spillage of floodwater on the roads. He said this became necessary after he was told by residents of the area of the high volume of water that passes through the channel.