Deborah Samuel: My life is in danger, journalist cries

A journalist Ayodeji Rotinwa has raised alarm about threats to his life after his picture was uploaded to Facebook by a so-called UK-based medical doctor who confessed to deliberately allowing patients placed in his care in northern Nigeria to die.

The said medical doctor Christopher Uche-Ayodeji made the post following the outrage that followed the killing of a Christian student, Deborah Samuel, in Sokoto. According to Uche-Ayodeji, he committed the act during his days as a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

His post drew the ire of some Muslims on social media who called for the head of the supposed medical doctor, whose true identity is yet to be verified. One of the posts used the photo of the journalist and misidentified him as the supposed medical doctor who made the inciting statement.

However, Mr Rotinwa, who is the deputy editor of African Arguments, a pan-African publication, said in a statement that he has no ties with the supposed medical doctor.

“I am currently the victim of dangerous misinformation. Last week, a mob attacked and killed a young woman In Sokoto on accusations of blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)

“After this attack, a yet to be identified doctor named Christopher UCHE-AYODEJI, based in Bauchi, claims he harmed Northerners during his NYSC year to avenge past attacks against Christians.

“He also claimed to be in the employ of University Hospital, Birmingham, which has since denied this claim. The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria have also established they have no member by this name in their records.

“Someone – who I don’t know – has now run with the story using MY PHOTO and claiming I am the said Christopher. I am NOT CHRISTOPER UCHE-AYODEJI,” the statement said.