D’banj’s DB Records forges ahead despite criticism, low rating

While it is clear as daylight that DB Records, the record label owned by D’Banj, has attracted a lot of flack in recent times, especially with the signing of controversial actress and yet-to-impress aspiring musician, Tonto Dike, the group is forging ahead nonetheless.

DbanjA few weeks ago, D’Banj, who now prefers to be known as Bangalee, released a new track titled ‘Alaye’.

And for the records, the DB Records camp is back with snippets of some new sounds from the rest of the family as Kay Switch, 2Kriss and Tonto are all about to drop music and videos over the next few days.

From Kay Switch, incindentally D’Banj’s younger sibling comes ‘Kak Your Bumpa’ just as ‘Carry Last’ has just been dropped by 2Kriss.

And from Tonto, also known in Nigerian entertainment circles as ‘Poko’, who is now the first lady of DB Records, comes ‘Sugar Rush’.

It only remains to be seen how much the public would be swayed into believing in the group, owing to the vicious attacks and stinging criticisms that recent works and collaborations by even their ring leader, D’Banj, has drawn in recent times.