Daniella Okeke puts butt on display on Instagram

Daniella Okeke

Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke, on Monday posted a picture of her generous butt on Instagram.

The 32-year-old posted similar pictures in August, but the latest has generated more comments from her friends and colleagues.


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Daniella, who said in a July post that women don’t have to be shaped like a Coke bottle to gain attention, is popular for flaunting her body on social media.


She celebrated her 32nd birthday in March with the release of some stunning images.

Some critics have, however, accused her of photoshopping her pictures to make her butt look bigger.

Aside from sharing tantalising pictures, Daniella has appeared in movies like Sleek Ladies, Stronger than Pain and Lagos Cougars.

She was forced to deny allegation in 2017 that founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Johnson Suleman, purchased a Mercedes-Benz 450 GL worth $76,000 for her.