Cross-dressing man wears bridal gown to marry wife

Cross dressing man

A cross-dressing man named Ian Newman dressed in a wedding gown has tied the knot with bride Emma Sparre-Newman.

The 53-year-old from East Dulwich south London married his 51-year-old bride in September 2018.

Their story however did not come to public notice up until December 2018.

“Over the last two years, Ian has dressed almost exclusively in women’s clothing.

“It would actually be odd to see him in jeans and a t-shirt as it’s just not him.

“So when we discussed marriage, I expected that we would both wear a dress.

“But we have very different ideas about style so I didn’t imagine we’d ever wear the same outfit.

“I’m not precious about it, it’s a dress and actually it’s our wedding, it’s not mine,” Mrs Sparre-Newman said.

The couple met in 2016 at a festival.

Mr Newman revealed his love of cross-dressing to Emma on their second date.

He feared that Emma would not take it well but when she did, he knew she was the one.

The loved-up pair had not planned to get married but the inevitable question came up when they booked a holiday to Las Vegas in January 2018.

They decided to wed while chatting on the phone one evening and family and friends flew out to witness the nuptials.