Cristiano Ronaldo launches fragrance

By Toby Prince

RonaldoReal Madrid superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, has released his debut fragrance named the Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy.

The Portugal skipper says that he is fulfilling a childhood dream by releasing his ‘Legacy’ upon the world, starring in a glossy advertisement for the scent

“It’s a fragrance that leaves a mark, which is why it bears my name, because I’m a person who has left a mark and wants to leave more,” Ronaldo declared.

“It’s for everyone who likes Cristiano so that they can have something that’s closer to me.”

He took to social networking site Twitter to announce his latest business venture and uploaded a short video of himself spraying ‘Legacy’ on his neck before being lured away by an attractive woman.

“Introducing my debut fragrance for men – Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy – go to for more!,” Ronaldo tweeted on Wednesday.

“Check out a clip from the ad for my new fragrance Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy. Full version here,” he further wrote.

Earlier this year, the 30-year-old launched his underwear range, named CR7, releasing a dynamic new campaign focused on body movement.