Crazeclown celebrates 30th birthday


Comedian Crazeclown on Friday celebrated his 30th birthday, days after his daughter turned one.

The funnyman share photos of himself on Instagram, expression gratitude to God for another year.

“Officially on the 3rd floor, looking back at 30 years of my life I’m just speechless. It can only be God. I look forward to being 30, here I am and all I feel is just gratitude to God for bringing me this far. Happy birthday to me,” he wrote.

Celebrating his daughter’s birthday on December 16, the comedian wrote: “Today is 16th December 2021 and It’s GIA’s @giazirachi BIRTHDAYYYY!!! It’s still surreal that I have a WHOLE ONE-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER! Sorry not sorry but I’m going to FLOOD your timeline today! it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for me today!

“Thinking about The journey to this point which I will tell later today but let me first DROP THIS SUPERMODEL PICTURE OF MY DAUGHTER she will flex with this picture when she’s older talk about ‘see how lit I was at 1’ I love you my superwoman @jojowigs none of these will be possible without you my Queen.”