Court dissolves seven-year marriage over sex starvation

no sexAn Igando Customary Court, Lagos, on Wednesday dissolved a seven-year marriage between a Customs agent, Musiliu Abdul, and his wife, Bisola, over denial of sex.

The President of the Court, Mr R. I. Adeyeri, in his judgment, held that both parties were no longer husband and wife, and they were free to go their separate ways.

Abdul, 48, had on April 7, filed a petition, urging the court to dissolve his marriage to Bisola over sex denial.

“My wife always starve me of sex; she will not even allow me to touch her, let alone make love to her,’’ he said.

He said his wife got him arrested; accusing him of sending hired assassins after her.

“She claimed she had been receiving calls from unknown people, who threatened to kill her and she was accusing me of sending them,’’ he said.

The petitioner claimed that his wife rented his house out without his consent and that she did not give him the money for the rentage.

“She let out my apartment and sent away my security guard without my knowledge,” the estranged husband alleged.

Bisola, 47, a businesswoman, told the court that she used to receive death threats from unknown people and she believed it was the work of her husband.

She told the court that she never denied her husband sex, saying “he used to have sex with me anytime he wanted to.”

The respondent said she rented the apartment out because her husband told her that he had willed the house to her daughter.

She said she did not fight her husband until when she came back from London and her husband asked her to move to another room.

Bisola said her husband came home one day to park all his belongings without a previous quarrel.

She pleaded with the court not to grant her husband’s wish, saying she was still interested in the marriage and had nowhere to go.