Who controls your groove?

Wilson Orhiunu

First Gentleman with Wilson Orhiunu

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Wilson Orhiunu qed.ngSome people love to be in control of the groove. Not their groove, for they find that impossible. They want to be in control of yours. It gives them a sense of control in a mixed up world.  They cannot control the wind or the seasons, they cannot control their urge to feel empty and disappointed with life, and they vote yet cannot control election outcomes. This is exactly where you come in, for they can control you; giving them certainty in an unpredictable world. It is bad business for you because you lose your groove in the process of giving them a temporary ego boost.

Everyone’s life is a bit like a car. There is always someone in the driving seat who is respected for knowing the destination and buying the petrol. The fancier the car, the more respect we accord the driver. It is an important position to be in; that drivers’ seat.  Now imagine if three cars pull up with just one driver directing things remotely. I am sure you would be amazed. One of the cheapest ways to get attention is to be in control of another person’s car (or life) remotely. The one who loves to control loves to be the centre of attraction but unfortunately lacks the great political power of a president or the sweet singing voice of a multiple Grammy Award recipient. What they have is you, and you are stuck on their mantelpiece.

They might need to check up on you from time to time for they do not trust you. You might be driving up the wrong alley. The telephone seems to have been invented for controllers. They can check up on you every 10 minutes to make sure you are not giving beautiful strangers lifts or visiting the wrong sort of places. There is no trust in your ability to do anything and since you cannot be trusted they ask you to give them your bank cards to ‘help you manage’ your finances.  Sounds like help but it is a prison because, God forbid, if you decide to get your groove back and make a purchase with your own initiative, they throw a tantrum.

Friends and relations can be nosey sometimes. They might just ask why you are sat in the driver’s seat of a car that has to be driven only to where your controller tells you to drive. Once the controller hears their questioning, it might be safest not to expose you to further temptations least you rebel. All friends and family get banned. It is better and easier to control a driver who has no other person suggesting contrary destinations for his sat nav.

The puppet master is accorded respect for pulling the strings but human beings are no puppets. The puppet master made the puppets and determined their destiny before he made them. The controllers of this world cage up people they did not create and do not really care for the expression of their gifts or talents. Gifts expressed fully have a way of taking people before great men and out of the grasps of controllers, so this must never happen. Operation- kill- your- gift and render you ‘groove-less’ will be deployed by the canny controller. No friends, no family, no hobbies, no effizi; just them in your life. Try to break away and they act the martyr. “I gave my best years to you and you reward me with abandonment. I will kill myself”.

Yes, they are martyrs and they threatened you and make you feel guilty. If you succumb to their control it is back to business as usual.

Once in a while I meet men who never answer questions when their woman is in the room. I once asked a man his date of birth and he looked to his wife and she answered. This same guy does a complex job in a factory leading a team of 20 people. That is the power of a controller; a good one renders their victim brain dead within a kilometre radius of where they are.  It would be nice if people could be controlled and manipulated into becoming billionaires but it never quite works out that way for the essential ingredient for big success is your groove and that is the one thing controllers extract from you.

Even trunks and cars are breaking free from the control of drivers. Mercedes Benz, Google, Volvo and Nissan to name a few, have developed autonomous cars that work with computers. Well, what is good enough for Mercedes is good enough for you.

Methods used to control others are:

Good deeds – beware of those who do things for you and remind you and everybody else about it. Their gifts can and will be used against you as leverage one day.

Guilt – when you strike out on your own and succeed, they ask why they were not informed. If you fail, they remind you that they made you and without them you are nothing

Deification – They make themselves into demi-gods; the sun that all planets revolve around. Everybody must worship at their feet or go to God through them.

Accusations and tantrums – Anyone outside their control who tries to get close to one they control is accused of being evil.  They also spring up spontaneous illnesses whenever those under their spell try to go out without them. They usually come up with accusations of abandonment in time of illness.

They seduce people to their own way of thinking and manipulate situations so that like Rome, all roads lead to them.

And finally they love to tell stories of how they saved the day.