Content creator Peller takes off shoes to receive plaque at Trendupp Awards 2024

Content creator Peller

TikTok star and content creator Habib Hamzat, popularly known as Peller, sparked confusion with his acceptance speech at the TrendUpp Awards 2024 on Sunday night in Lagos.

A clip shared on Peller’s Instagram page on Sunday captured his excitement as he dramatically removed his shoes while approaching the stage to receive his award in the Emerging Force category.

However, it was his acceptance speech that truly bewildered the audience.

Speaking in the same distinctive style he uses in his content; Peller expressed his gratitude to his supporters.

Lost for words, he began with, “Ahh mo n gbon,” a statement in Yoruba which means “I am shaking.”

“I swear, I swear, I no believe I will collect this award in this time of age. God do am for me, I no dey do tribalism,” he continued in Pidgin English.

He further explained, “I no go anywhere, is God I believe in and my supporters. Ha my God, I love you.”

Peller then reassured the crowd that his excitement was causing his unusual speech.

The TrendUpp Awards 2024 marked its fourth edition, recognising influencers, content creators, and brands excelling in their innovative use of social media. Categories included Force of Instagram, Force of Virality, Force of X, Force of Lifestyle Content among others.