Comedian AY petitions police to arrest content creator over allegation of affair with May Yul-Edochie

AY Comedian AY Makun

Comedian Ayo Makun, also known as AY, has petitioned the Nigerian Police to arrest a content creator named Agozi Samuel for alleging that he is having an affair with actor Yul Edochie’s estranged wife May.

Agozi who goes by the name Agozi Commedy on Facebook claimed the comedian is the reason Yul and his May are having marriage crisis.

In the petition dated January 24, AY, through his lawyers, accused Agozi of criminal defamation, and cyberstalking and requested for his arrest and prosecution. The allegation was also described as baseless and untrue.

The petition read in parts: “The said publication alleges that our client is involved in an extramarital affair with one May Eodchie, the wife of Yul Eodchie and that our client was responsible for the marital crisis between May and her husband.

“For the purpose of clarity, the exact false baseless and untrue statement knowingly and intentionally made at several intervals by Agozi Samuel in the said video are reproduced as follows; ‘You slept with May. Because of you, Yul Eodchie and his wife separated because you’re having an affair with Yul Edochie’s wife which is May.

“‘The general public did not know what is happening even the court case that is going on, the general public did not know. I told you on 31st night that in 2024, I will bring you down in 2024. I will be the one to bring you down. For you to bring down a home that lasted for many years, you made them separated, you made the wife live differently and the husband. What are you looking for in somebody’s wife that your wife does not have?” Your plan now is to go and marry May. I know all the plans you want to go and marry May. You think I don’t know.'”

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The 52-year-old comedian added that the allegation has affected his brand and caused a great blow to his personal life, career, integrity and reputation among friends, business associates and the general public.

The movie producer urged the Delta State police to take immediate action in investigating and apprehending Mr Agozi Samuel as evidence of defamation and cyberbullying has been provided.

AY and his wife have been of immense support to May Yul-Edochie since the trouble in her marriage began.