Club shooting: Lady releases video of Burna Boy, escorts at club

Burna Boy

Steph Briella, the partner of one of the victims of the shooting at socialite Obi Cubana’s club, has released a video of singer Burna Boy and his escorts partying before the onslaught. reported the Lagos State Police Commissioner’s Special Squad detained five policemen attached to Burna Boy for attempted murder after they shot two clubbers Lawrence Irebami, the husband of the woman Burna Boy allegedly made sexual advances to and another identified simply as Tolu, at Club Cubana in Lagos on June 8.

Breaking her silence in an Instagram post on Sunday, Lawerence’s wife, identified as Briella, stated that she was still traumatised over the event and her husband and his best friend are still healing from the wounds inflicted on them.

Her statement was however counted by a Twitter user identified as King Kong who claimed that she went to the VVIP section to take a selfie with the music star but her husband violently dragged her out which resulted in a fracas.

Reacting to the allegation in an Instagram post, Briella posted a video of herself, the singer and her friends, stating that she did not go anywhere close to Burna Boy as he was in another section.

Captioning one of the videos, she wrote: “Look at where Burna Boy was at the start of the video. The VIP section in the middle of the club with two sections. We were literally opposite each other.”

Literally, no one from our section approached him,” she captioned the next video she posted.

“We were literally popping bottles, spending money, and minding our business. so all the stories being told by Goldmynetv are fabricated,” she added.

In another video, she wrote: “This is my best friend and her husband. Everyone keeps making this about money. MONEY IS NOT OUR PROBLEM. If you did nothing wrong Burna Boy why were your people cintacting us to offer us hush money? Why did your parents visit our parents yesterday?”

The lady in another post shared a photo of the man who she claimed approached her Burna Boy’s behalf at the club.

“This is the clown that approached me at the club,” she added.