#ChrislandSchool: No child deserves such humiliation – Chioma Ifemeludike

Actress Chioma Ifemeludike has reacted to the child sex scandal of a female pupil in Chrisland Schools, saying that no child deserves such humiliation.

Chioma weighed in her thoughts in an Instagram post on Tuesday, adding that no responsible adult or parent should share the sex video.

According to the actress, children should be allowed to enjoy their innocence and those sharing the video are perverts.

She wrote: “Some of you guys analysing in the comment section how sexually active the 10 years old girl in the video is, are the same people who defile and molest minors in your families, compounds, churches, etc.

“If grown-up men or women left children to enjoy their childhood and innocence we won’t see a sexually skilled 10years old. I’m sure some of you have saved the video to carry out your perverted activities in your covens.

“Stop spreading and analysing nonsense, let the necessary authorities do their findings and come up with an accurate report and appropriate actions are taken. No child deserves such humiliation and negative exposure. No responsible adult, parents should share such contents.”