Chizzy Alichi joins snake prank challenge

Chizzy Alichi

Actress Chizzy Alichi has joined the snake prank challenge trending on social media.

The actress shared a video of herself on Instagram on Thursday, whistling and looking out for snakes as she tried using the restroom.

Chizzy also stated that the toilet used to be her favourite place but since the report of an air force woman dying of a snake bite trended, she is starting to have doubts.

“Na my favorite place be this before, once I seat to do my thing, ideas/concepts/stories etc will be flowing in but now if you know, you know,” she wrote.

The snake prank challenge started when Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah died after being bitten by a snake while using a restroom in her flat at the NAF base in Abuja.

Several Tik Tok users started making videos of themselves looking for snakes in their restroom.