Chinko Ekun reveals why he has no child

Rapper Chinko Ekun has revealed why he has no child yet.

The 27-year-old in an Interview with Punch published on Sunday said he has a lot of goals to achieve before having a child.

He also said his father gave him a standard and he has to raise it higher.

“One of the reasons I have yet to be a baby daddy is because I have a lot of goals that I have yet to achieve. Although I am comfortable, there is a standard of living I want for my kids. I want to send my kids to the best schools and have a good life.

“Growing up, Ididn’t suffer because my dad took good care of us. He gave us a standard but I need to raise that standard. Once I start to have children, my focus would shift, so psychologically, I am not ready,” he said.

Chinko also shared his experience with the police.

He said, “I was once a victim of police brutality. They beat me mercilessly. The experience affected me physically and psychologically. I almost went crazy because it was three days to my show in Ife, Osun State.”

Born Oladipo Emmanuel, Chinko’s songs include ‘Ekun’, ‘Wa Lo Da’, ‘Able God’ and ‘Eruku de’.