Chimamanda, brother celebrate mum’s posthumous birthday

Chimamanda Adichie

Award-winning writer Chimamanda Adichie on Tuesday celebrated her mother Grace Adichie on her posthumous birthday.

The widely-travelled author posted a video of herself, her mum, and her brother on her Instagram page, adding that her mother’s demise was surreal.

Chimamanda’s mother died in March 2021, barely eight months after the author lost her father James to a brief illness.

In her caption, Chimamanda noted that her mother’s death changed her life forever, stating that they had always had plans for an elaborate 80th birthday celebration.

The author said, “It is still surreal how suddenly you left us, how swiftly our lives changed forever. You would have turned 80 today. We had always planned a big 80th birthday party.

“I imagine you, sparkling in a pink or purple george wrapper, fussing about which guests had not been served food, dancing and then telling us your back hurt, laughing your full light-filled laugh.”

Showering her late mother with praises in Igbo, Chimamanda wrote, “Darling Mom-Mom, GC London, Electric, Eleti Oku, Asa Umunnachi, Ada Odigwe, Nwunye Odelora: Uwa m uwa ozo, i ga-abu nne m. Ka anyi dibe.”

Chimamanda’s brother Chuks also remembered their mother’s 80th birthday.

In an Instagram post, he wrote, “She would have been 80 years today. I will celebrate her posthumous birthday by picking the first olives from the olive tree I planted in her honour. Continue to rest in peace, Mum.”