Chigul gives new name to Instagram trolls

Nollywood actress Chigul has given a new name to Instagram trolls who according to her derives joy in criticising and tearing people apart on the platform.

The actress in an Instagram post on Tuesday said that the new name for Instagram trolls is ‘Instormentors’.

“Uwanilee, the new name for Instagram animals is instormentors, those people who come Instagram to torment others are instormentors.

“We are not going to call you trolls anymore because it’s starting to sound cute. No you’re Instormentor. Ekwensu ziri gi ozi, you’re the Satan’s PA. You want to come and correct me in the comment section, if you feel that bad about it, come to my DM, if you wanna call people out, come to my DM,” she wrote.

Born into the family of former military governor of Anambra State and former minister of information, youth, sport and culture late Samson Omeruah, Chigul is a graduate of the Delaware State University, USA.