Chidi Mokeme kisses old friend Kate Henshaw on movie set

Chidi Mokeme

Actor Chidi Mokeme has shared a video of him kissing colleague Kate Henshaw on a movie set.

The excited old friends met on the set of Ruthless, a movie that began shooting last month.

The Shanty Town actor posted the video of their meeting on Instagram on Monday.

He captioned the post: “So here I was, in my corner, mentally putting finishing touches to this my character on the set of RUTHLESS. And from the corner of my eyes, who did I see?

“Our life matron, The Grand Commander of the Fit Fam Vampire Club, the most ageless of them all, the most energetic free spirit to walk this realm. The K8GGR8, The Advok8, OluwaKate, One And Only @k8henshaw And You can see how excited I was.

“No be today. We’ve known each other and been friends and colleagues since our Modelling days over 30 years ago. Way before Nollywood as we know it. And this is what happens when we jam together on the same set to make magic. Both of us are cooking some fresh characters that you are guaranteed to love. Stay Tuned.”

Kate took the excitement to the comment section of Chidi’s post, writing in all caps “GEEEE T0 DAH MOTHAAAFAAACKING Q!!! LOVE YOU TO DAH BONE FROM DAY ONE TILL FOREVER!!! YOU KNOW!! THIS FEEM GO TOUGH!!!”

Produced by Vincent Okonkwo and directed by Dimeji Ajibola, Ruthless also stars Zuby Michael, Sandra Okunzuwa, Lina Idoko and Princess Obuseh among others.