6 immature ways to handle relationship crisis

Attractive couple having an argument on couch at home in the living room

While some come out strong from challenges in their relationship, many others simply experience a meltdown.

Below are six horrible ways to deal with relationship problems:

  1. Poor communication: Couples should learn to hear each other’s side of the story. Communication is very important; it is the backbone of any strong relationship. If this goes sour, the relationship is soon heading for the rocks.
  2. Blame game: Always pushing blame on the other person is also a terrible way to solve problems. It pays to own up to faults and mistakes.
  3. Cheating: Having a fling with a colleague or a random person because of relationship problems would only break it faster than anything else. Cheating is unacceptable in any relationship worth fighting for.
  4. Playing ignorance: Not talking about the main problem in the relationship could be more hurtful eventually. It is best to speak up when not “fine” with a situation.
  5. Inviting friends into the ‘ship’: Involving friends in every little relationship problem could bring unsolicited advice from them. This could backfire and make it worse. There would always be conflicting opinions and none might be suitable, simply because each person is different from the other.
  6. Saying ‘it’s over’ incessantly: Breaking up at every moment a problem arises is a sign of immaturity and non-commitment. It is important to learn how to stay put and work out issues. That is one way to make the people involved better.