Charly Boy supports daughter for coming out as lesbian

Charly Boy

Maverick entertainer, Charly Boy, has revealed that his daughter, Dewy Oputa, has his support for coming out as a lesbian.

Dewy, who resides in Atlanta Georgia in U.S.A revealed she is a lesbian earlier this week, adding that she was a bit nervous but she and her girlfriends have decided to create a couples page.

In a post to Instagram on Tuesday, Charly Boy commended her bravery for coming out as a lesbian stating that the best thing about being true to yourself is that no one can tell you what you’ve already told them.

“For those going gagas over my Princess Dewy’s post. Hear This The best thing about being true to yourself is that nobody can insult you by telling you what you have just told them.

Acceptance has to come from Within. I am blessed with beautiful Children and grandchildren. Love em All. Thank you God,” he wrote.

Once alleged to be gay, Charly Boy has been married to African-American singer and former fashion designer Diane for over thirty years.

The couple have children together, and Charly Boy – who had been married before – has children from past relationships.