Charles Okocha asks for rematch, says fight with Portable was rigged

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Actor Charles Okocha has asked for a rematch of the fight between him and singer Portable, saying that the boxing match was rigged.

 The contest was held in the early hours of Wednesday at Landmark Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The fight began around 1 am and lasted for about 40 minutes.

The first round saw Portable, clad in his blue armless shirt and shorts, pouncing on Charles Okocha. The singer delivered several punches at the actor who tried to dodge them in vain.

Charles also took in multiple jabs from Portable who was determined to win the fist fight.

Portable was eventually declared the winner of the contest.

However, Charles Okocha took to his Instagram account several hours later to lament his defeat.

The Bumper to Bumper actor said the match was rigged and the referee was incompetent. He noted that a rematch would be happening soon.

Portable beats Charles Okocha in celebrity boxing match

He wrote: “How can you give up on the 3rd round when we have 4 rounds, How do you take off your gloves on the 3rd round that’s total disqualification when the fight hasn’t ended. Y’all know this shiiiït was rigged plus an incompetent REFREEE that knows nothing about boxing rules…nevertheless we move✊rematch soon.”