Celestial church to mark first death anniversary of Oshoffa’s successor

The Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) worldwide will on November 27 hold a lecture and one-year remembrance service of its late leader, Pastor Josiah Owodunni.

Owodunni, who died on November 27, 2020 at the age of 86, built and financed CCC, Oluwaseyi branch, Ijeshatedo, Lagos.

In a statement on Thursday, the secretary of the church Senior Evangelist Toyon Akapo called on the Celestial faithful to honour the late prophet because he was chosen as the next leader of the church by the late founder, Pastor Samuel Oshoffa.

He described the deceased as a steadfast and faithful Christian who fought many battles on the side of truth and on the side of the Lord to remain as leader.

Akapo, giving an insight into the background of Owodunni, said the late leader was introduced to the Celestial Church in 1971 by a friend whose spouse recovered from an illness.

“He left the Anglican to join the Celestial Church in Makoko.

“After joining the church, Owodunni and his friends held Sunday services which grew in number and in 1973, he financed and built Celestial Church in Ijeshatedo.

“The founder, Oshoffa, christened the parish ‘Oluwaseyi,’

“It is the first Celestial Church parish to be christened and subsequently led to other parishes.

“He was one of the seven parochial committee members who sat with the Reverend founder to prepare a written constitution,” he explained.

Akapo noted that in accordance with the constitution, Oshoffa duly chose Owodunni as his successor before he died in 1985.

He said despite a rebellion in the church, the deceased remained strong, steadfast and dedicated to the service of God.