Cart pusher allegedly stabs colleague to death during fight in Lagos


A cart pusher, simply identified as Mudasiru, has allegedly stabbed his colleague, Umaru, to death during a fight.

Since the incident occurred in Sabo, Yaba area of Lagos State on January 17, Mr Mudasiru has been said to be on the run, The Punch reports.

It was gathered that Umaru, who sustained life threatening injuries during the fight, was on his way to the police station to report a case of assault against him, when he fell to the ground.

Mudasiru, who was chasing after him, allegedly pounced on him and stabbed him repeatedly.

A source in the area, Hassan Abubakar, said no one knew Mudasiru’s whereabouts since the incident took place, adding that police officers, while investigating the matter, arrested two people who knew nothing about the fight.

“On Thursday, January 17, 2019, a fight broke out between two cart pushers named Mudasiru and Umaru. During the fight, Mudasiru stabbed Umaru in the stomach and ran away immediately after realising the gravity of what he had done.

“Umaru died due to the injuries he sustained from the fight and up till now, no one knows the wherebouts of Mudasiru.

“Police officers from the Sabo Police Station, who are investigating the case, came to our area in Sabo, Yaba to arrest Barau and Habeebu, who were innocent of the crime.

“They arrested them because the suspect, who killed Umaru, is from Jos and Habeebu is a nephew of the deceased, while Barau is the leader of the people from Jos in the area. Because they are from the same village in the North does not make them suspects in the case,” the 25-year-old Abubakar said.

The Seriki (leader) of northerners in the Sabo area of the state, Isoho Bature, said Umaru died because he lost lots of blood as a result of the stab wounds, adding that it took the intervention of their monarch before the police agreed that Barau and Habeeb should be released.

Lagos police spokesperson, Chike Oti, confirmed the incident, saying that investigation into the matter had commenced.