Brymo recounts mum’s labour ordeal, loss of sisters

Singer Brymo

Singer Olawale Olofooro popularly known as Brymo has recounted his mother’s labour experience before she gave birth to him.

In a Twitter post on Monday, the 35-year-old said that he was raised to listen to women because his birth was ‘miraculous’.

According to the singer, his mum was in labour for two days and had to undergo a caesarean operation to birth him. Brymo also said that two of his sisters died at birth.

Brymo went further to say that his father who is a Muslim cleric loved his Christian mother in spite of their religious background.

“2 days of labor, 2 hrs of cesarean, and 2 years after my miraculous arrival here, mother lost 2 girls at, a monogamous father, a Muslim cleric, who has loved his xtian wife for 4 decades despite opportunities to marry more..this 1 was raised to listen to women!!,” he wrote.

Brymo was born and raised in Ojo, Lagos State. He is the only surviving child of his parents.