I am broke, Charly Boy cries out

Charly BoyIt happens to the best of us. And it is no different with Mr Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy. Yes, the “out of the box” entertainer, public relations and stunts man, declared in a post on Facebook on Friday that he is “bloody broke”.

The following piece from the “weird” one is titled “My Broke Ass”.

Even as only me waka come, I can be broke!

Na so, how can people just look at me and say that I have always had an easy life. What a Big Fat misconception along with the many that have trailed my creative life.

I know some people look at me and wonder what I do for a living, especially those who cannot help but see me as a musician, even though through many interviews I have openly proclaimed that am not a musician like that, of cause I can hold a few low notes. Yes I have about six albums to my credit, so?

I believe that a musician is someone who can either play music or read and write music, period. My dabbling into entertainment was basically to express my arty tendencies not because I figured I was going to be playing music as a career or that it would be my bread and butter. I wanted to be on a platform that would catapult me into mega fame. I was sick and tired of living under anyone’s shadow. No be today I start to dream and the entertainment industry offered me a license to run gaga with my “out of the box” creative concepts and my “weird” life style.

I am a public relations man. That’s my bread and butter. I run a public relations outfit called New Wave Production Ltd.

Here we customise design concepts for cooperate bodies, government agencies, ministries, state governments and individuals who can afford my bill. You can be sure with my pedigree, I don’t come cheap. A lot of my fans and readers will be amazed by the names of my clientele. Like it or not, I am an ideas person. I guess a lot have also forgotten I studied mass communication, please not in UI, Nsuka, or Ekpoma University. I went to the best schools in the world in America (Emerson University), and even had a stint in Harvard University. The fame I made through the Charly Boy Brand tremendously helped in my PR jobs, thank God for that. Yes, I won’t lie that I have seen crazy money or have made crazy money, but it was all through my ingenuity, focus and hard work. And Yes hard work! But like they say, to him much is given, much is expected. However, right now as I write this, I’m so bloody broke, it’s a sin. I have had some windfalls in my successful career as PR person, but against my obligations, responsibilities, my community works and my advocacy, I am broke most of the time. Yesoooo, I’m not ashamed to say I’m broke, I have always been true to myself. Yes “brokage” can happen to the very best of us, after all I’m not in government where I steal money, I am not pensionable, I don’t work in any establishment where I get estacode and “awoof” money. I sweat and work off my ass for every penny that comes my way. So chill, e no easy my guy. Odiofele?

Being broke is not a sin, and it is definitely not for anyone to feel sorry for themselves either. Being broke simply means that you are finding it a bit difficult to live up to certain responsibilities and obligation. My “brokage” is not that of a common man’s “brokage” who cannot eat ooh! Abegiee my responsibilities pass that of the common man. Dangote’s “brokage” can never be like mine, because if I was to inherit his problems, I will just die. So everyone’s “brokage” is according to his size.

Long story short, these are very hard times, both in the world and in our country. Let go of the assumption that the world is against you, or that you were born with a gray cloud over your head. Understand that the past does not equal the future. Just because you’ve experienced pain or disappointment in the past does not mean that what starts badly will end badly. Do not let a bad start turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy for a bad ending.

If things are bad today it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be bad forever. Life is about the good and the bad, the ups and the down. So because I’m broke, should I go commit suicide? Should I start being nasty to people, or putting the hating on others because I feel the grass is greener on their lawn? In fact who will know that you are broke if you don’t tell them. Even me as Charly Boy, sometimes when I say I am broke, people will keep telling me, abegi no come laugh us, as if I don’t have my own pains. Whatever you do, NEVER see yourself as a victim because you are broke. Chill my guy, everybody dey hear am these days, na only management go help us.