Bolanle Ninalowo breaks silence on viral video

Bolanle Ninalowo

Actor Bolanle Ninalowo has broken his silence on a leaked video of an unidentified man masturbating, which many believed to be the actor.

The now-viral video started circulating on social media on Friday and many pointed out that the man in the video shares a similar tattoo with the actor.

Some, however, claimed that the man in the video is Bolanle Ninalowo but the actor debunked the rumour in a video shared via Instagram on Saturday.

Although they share similar tattoos, Bolanle said he is not the person in the video. The 43-year-old said he will never disappoint himself, his family and his fans by making such a video.

He said: “My ears are full already, everybody is calling me, people are commenting about on my page about a video that is circulating about a guy, doing his thing, having fun, enjoying himself. Some guy that is not Bolanle Ninalowo that is not Makanaki and I guess having a tattoo is now wahala, I don’t know but you guys should look at my tattoo, I saw the video and I understand that the guy does have a bang but common, I respect myself too much for that and I will never disappoint myself, my family or fans like that.

Showing off his tattoo, Bolanle continued: “That video is not me. Like I said this is my tattoo, you can look at it over and over again but hey things happen, that video is not me. Stop circulating this rumour, this negative thing about me, I am not the one in the video guys, please let this end.”