Bobrisky threatens to relocate from Nigeria

Bobrisky Idris Okuneye

Controversial crossdresser Bobrisky has threatened to relocate from Nigeria.

The 30-year-old said this in an Instagram post on February 22.

Bobrisky said that his decision to relocate was influenced by the increasing number of his fellow crossdressers who according to him, look like pigs.

He wrote: “Only in Nigeria many crossdressers look like pig, I want to relocate. I’m tired. You men should eat well first before you start wearing wif. If they open their mouth and talk you will faint.”

Bobrisky made the post moments after another crossdresser James Brown posted a photo of himself dressed as a woman to celebrate his birthday.

James Brown, who calls himself the Princess of Africa, penned down a message on Instagram saying, “It’s my birthday, The Princess of Africa! I am so grateful to God for all he has done … I know where I started from starting from the day I was arrested but now I am flourishing well because I believe in myself and I’m confident in me … yeah it’s tough and it’s not easy but yes baby girl/boy you will get there just like I did!

“I’m proud of me, proud of what I’ve become and proud of the lives I’ve touched … I give God all the glory because I know where I’m coming from … When I was 9 years old I looked at the stars and told myself I’ll blow and look at me now! It’s been 3 years of fame it’s not been easy but I made it and I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of the fact I’ve touched people’s lives through my foundation @jamesbrownfoundation by helping those in need. There’s soo much more of me to come, royalty moves, watch out.”

Bobrisky and James Brown often shade each other on social media.