Bobrisky knocks dealer for repossessing car

Bobrisky Idris Okuneye

Popular transvestite, Bobrisky, has knocked a car dealer for repossessing a car he bought after failing to meet up with the payment schedule.

The Instagram sensation called the dealer out in a post on Instagram.

Bobrisky accused him of being wicked and demanded a refund asking her followers to stay away from him.

The car dealer took to Instagram to respond to the 28-year-old, “#bobrisky222 please pay your balance and you get you car re-delivered immediately. Have been more than nice in condoling your attitudes and still very nice to tell my agent to go ahead and deliver the car to you just so you can use it for your birthday. My agent had to go to the police station to write series of statements and provide all necessary documents before the car was released to him; as the location it was kept was already sealed up by the police,” he wrote in parts.

Earlier on Monday, Bobrisky offered to give the cake from his botched birthday party to any couple set to marry.

His 28th birthday was shut down by officers of the Lagos State Police Command on Saturday.