Bisola Badmus mourns on brother’s posthumous birthday

Nollywood actress Bisola Badmus

Actress Bisola Badmus has mourned her brother Ismaheel on the latter’s posthumous birthday.

The Yoruba movie star took to Instagram on Tuesday to share an emotional tribute to the deceased.

Bisola said that losing her brother was a disaster because he departed early. She, however, promised to celebrate him forever.

She wrote: “It’s your first birthday without you the celebrant. Sometimes life plays cruel game. Losing you is a disaster. I know nothing lasts forever. But you departed early.

“In my heart you are always there. Wishing you a happy birthday in heaven SM. I celebrate you forever my beloved lil brother.”

Ismaheel died on August 13, a day after celebrating his birthday.

Bisola revealed that Ismaheel had been battling a kidney-related ailment and was hospitalized at Gbagada hospital, Lagos. She also said he was on dialysis for two days before he passed on.

“Yesterday was your birthday SM, and you left the sinful world a few hours after.

“My immediate younger brother has been battling with kidney and hospitalized at Gbagada hospital here in Lagos. He was on two days dialysis of which I never complained of but all to no avail at the end God has indeed shown us that He giveth and taketh. Whether we are satisfied by his decisions or not he is still the Almighty God,” she wrote.

In May 2020, Bisola announced the death of her father.

Bisola Badmus has a son with Fuji Musician, Wasiu Ayinde, popularly known as K1 de Ultimate.

The seven-year-old boy is named Prince Abdul Malik.