Bimbo Oshin loses husband Dudu Heritage

Music promoter Ola Ibironke, husband of Nollywood actress Bimbo Oshin, is dead.

Popularly called Dudu Heritage, Ibironke reportedly died suddenly on Sunday night.

The cause of death is not known yet.

The deceased lived in the United States where he was a music promoter before relocating to Nigeria to run a private business.

He was last seen in a trending video at Radisson Blu Hotel in Lagos, exchanging pleasantries with Wasiu Ayinde KWAM 1 and Dele Momodu.

Mr. Momodu shared a video of himself and Ibironke to Instagram on Monday as he mourned.

“The gentleman on the right in white shirt was with us on Friday evening. Last night, the news of his departure hit Nigeria like a thunderbolt. What a life. May his gentle soul Rest In Peace. May the soul of Dudu Heritage Ibironke Rest in Peace,” she wrote.

In an earlier interview with City People, Dudu Heritage had opened up on his marriage to Bimbo Oshin, debunking the rumours that they had parted ways.

”There are so many rumours out there that made me develop a thick skin. So I keep them guessing all the time because the news still keeps circulating. The wedlock has produced two lovely children; a boy and a girl. So what else is there to say? For a man clocking 60 and still talking about a marriage that has happened in 2004/2005?
We have been around for a very long time so stories don’t bother us again. But I can authoritatively tell you that Bimbo Oshin is in my house, any time, any day. Since she has been in my house she has never left. She is my wife. And to prove to you, maybe that would put the issue to rest, I will call her now for you to talk to her,” he said as he called his wife on the phone.

Dudu Heritage asked his wife if they are still together, Bimbo Oshin responded from the other end, assuring her husband that their marriage is still intact. “I’m in my husband’s house and I have never left,” she said with laugher.