Big Brother issues strikes to Bella, Sheggz, Rachel over misconduct

Bella and Sheggz

Big Brother Naija season seven housemates Bella, Sheggz and Rachel have been issued a warning strike by Big Brother for their misconduct.

The trio were issued the strikes on during the Sunday live eviction show.

“Big Brother finds you guilty of disobedience and breaking Big Brother’s rules, therefore Big Brother’s is issuing you a strike, two more strikes and you will be disqualified from Big Brother’s house,” Biggie said to Sheggz.

Bella and Rachel also received strikes for fighting each other during the week.

The fight started on Wednesday night after Bella asked Rachel who prepared dinner to replace her chicken with beef.

Sensing what he perceived as an act of hostility on Rachel’s part, Sheggz lashed out at her, saying she acts stupid.

“It is your generation that is stupid,” Rachael fired back.

As the duo threw insults at each other, Bella came back with the food which anciently poured all over Rachel, provoking her further.

As the fight continued, Sheggz could be heard saying to Rachel “I swear with my mother’s life you will beg me in this Lagos before December. I am a big boss. I don’t need to win the show. If I step out of the house, I will make 100 million naira a day.”