Betty Irabor reacts to Mbaka’s statement about Peter Obi


CEO and founder of Genevieve Magazine Betty Irabor has said that Enugu-based Catholic priest Rev. Fr Ejike Mbakafor is giving the Catholic Church a bad name.

The businesswoman said this in an Instagram post on Thursday following Mbaka’s statement on Peter Obi’s presidential race.

According to the priest, Mr Obi cannot be Nigeria’s president because he is a stingy person.

“It is better to have a president who is a gifted old man than a stingy young man,” the cleric said about Obi on Wednesday at his ministry’s gathering in Enugu.

Reacting to the statement, Betty Irabor wrote: “This Mbaka man is giving the Catholic Church a bad name.”

Weighing in on the matter, actor Junior Pope Odonwodo wrote: “Let PETER OBI be stingy and let the land and economy heal, recover, rejuvenate………only lazy people would want to wait for free chops, free food, free money…… NIGERIANS are hard-working people, create a healthy working environment and see the prosper, and progress.

“Just imagine Nigeria at the moment, A country that provides nothing to her citizens (basic amenities) and yet see how NIGERIANS are surviving……. Now close your eyes and imagine what will happen when the government gives us STEADY POWER SUPPLY, SECURITY, WATER, GOOD ROADS etc.

Other supporters stated that the attribute of stinginess assures them that Obi will not give bribes. Others have also posted photos of Obi donating funds to schools in the south-east to show Mbaka’s claims are false.