Bella Shmurda refuses LASU’s plea to return to school

Bella Shmurda

Afro-pop singer Bella Shmurda has refused Lagos State University’s offer for him to return to school.

The singer had on Wednesday, January 26 tweeted that he does not regret quitting school to pursue his music career.

He bragged that if he had not dropped out, he would have been broke and struggling with carryovers.

“Thank God I was stubborn and I never got to pass those exams then. Big thanks to @Poco__lee for telling me to do that vision2020 viral video, shoutout to @Olamide for his listening ears and open hands for upcoming acts.

“I now worth over half a billion streams (550millions streams to be precise) I for still Dey lasu Dey wine and dine with carryovers and stranded with nothing in my pocket… forever glad I did my thing,” he wrote.

Reacting to the tweet, the school wrote to him, urging him to return and continue his education.

Using the handle @LASUOfficial, the institution said, “Happy birthday @fineboybella. Glad you have come this far pursuing your dream. Also glad @LASUOfficial played a part in your beautiful story because University don’t make people rich, only incubate them to find and achieve purpose. BTW, please come back to class and earn your degree.”

Responding on Twitter on Sunday, Bella said that school meant nothing to him and he would rather chase after money as the economy is starving.

“Now playing: Four years in @LASUofficial is really nothing. Better get that money. The economy is starving,” he wrote.