Aunty Ramota shares throwback posts to reassure fans after BBL drama

Aunty Ramota

Actress Aunty Ramota, known for her comedic roles, has taken to Instagram to release throwback videos after the rumour of her undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift which had her fans and the media in a frenzy.

The drama began earlier this week when a video surfaced on Monday, June 10 showing Aunty Ramota on a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask. Speculations quickly spread that the beloved actress had undergone a botched BBL procedure, leaving her in a coma.

However, Ramota’s ‘screen husband’ and skit maker, Ijoba Lande, swiftly debunked the rumour. In a video posted to his Instagram page, Ijoba Lande clarified that the news was false and expressed his frustration at being dragged into the controversy. “Pls all the trending video that going on online isn’t real it’s a stage but I’m not aware of it,” he wrote.

Aunty Ramota herself released a video on Wednesday, June 12 on her Instagram page, assuring her followers that she is in perfect health. In the video, she confidently showed her full body to prove she had not undergone any such procedure and thanked her fans for their unwavering support.

On Thursday, June 13, the actress continued engagement with her audience by posting a throwback video on Instagram Story.

The video, which she captioned “Throwback Thursday,” showed her preparing for a party and thanking her fans. She has also shared other nostalgic posts on her Instagram page, seemingly to remind everyone of happier times and put the BBL drama behind her.