Athlete Ese Brume decorates Oyedepo with Olympics medal

Athlete Ese Brume

Athlete Ese Brume, who won the first medal for Nigeria at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, has fulfilled her heart’s desire of decorating Bishop David Oyedepo with her medal.

The long jumper had won a bronze medal with a best jump of 6.97m.

After winning the medal, she had said she planned to visit Oyedepo’s church in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State.

“This medal means that God is alive, Jesus is alive. I plan to go to Canaanland to wear it on Bishop David Oyedepo,” she had said.

Brume saw her wish come to pass on Sunday when she visited the church.

Accompanied by her coach, the athlete shared the testimony of her victory before the congregation.

Oyedepo, together with his wife Faith, prayed for them just before marking the end of the church’s 21-day fasting and prayer.

On receiving the medal, Oyedepo prayed: “I have never won a gold medal and here she came and offered it to her father. It is only the beginning, you are scaling higher heights and everyone under your coaching flies high.

“He has helped you to lead one to a gold medalist at the Olympics, many others will follow. Daughter, those who honoured their father never suffer shame. You will never taste shame all the days of your life. She announced there in Tokyo, ‘I am dedicating this thing to my father.’ Who will let me go to Tokyo to go and run?

“But this is what children do to honour their parents. Therefore, your life will never lack honour, your children will command greater exploit. Your home shall be ever peaceful.”