Ashimolowo ‘disappointed’ in pastors linking 5G to coronavirus, Antichrist

Matthew Ashimolowo

Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in London, Matthew Ashimolowo, has criticised pastors who have alleged links among the 5G networks, coronavirus and the Antichrist.

There have been concerns that the 5G mobile networks being tested around the world pose danger to public health, with some linking it to the coronavirus; but experts have debunked such links.

However, speaking on Sunday, Ashimolowo described the links as ‘fake news’ and urged Christians to keep their eyes on God.

“There are too many theories, too many videos, and too many fake news out there. There are too many theories – 5G, this G, that G. Please stay out of all those theories. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Do not be afraid. Don’t think ‘Oh my God this may be the Antichrist,’” he said.

The cleric also said the church had often erroneously linked major world shockers to the Antichrist, naming Napoleon Bonaparte of France, Benito Mussolini of Italy and Adolf Hitler of Germany as some of the people whom the church described as the Antichrist.

“There is a virus out there killing people. Stay locked down; don’t think it is some 5G that is killing people,” Ashimolowo said.

“How come it got to my village where there’s no 5G? A sickness is out there killing people and I’m very disappointed at pastors who have hastily shown graphs to show that there is a conspiracy theory to take over the world and put some chip in people’s body.”

Founder of Loveworld Ministries International, better known as Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome, has been in the frontline of pastors who have linked 5G to coronavirus and the Antichrist.