Aremu Afolayan curses family for not buying him car

Aremu Afolayan

Actor Aremu Afolayan has cursed his immediate and extended family members for not buying him a car.

The 42-year-old laid the curse in a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday, asking in the caption “which kind of family I come from?”

Speaking in a mixture of Yoruba and English in the video, Aremu said “This message is for my extended and relational family. Whoever you are, whatever you people are, including the ones that call themselves siblings of my father and mother, Ogun will kill all of you.

“I know the number of cars I have sold to people abroad and in Nigeria, who bought cars for their siblings.”

Calling on a friend standing behind him, he asked “Why can’t we find a single person to buy us a car? What kind of useless fate is this?

“We don’t have a single family. Ogun will kill all older and younger siblings that have money but refuse to spend it on us.”

Reacting in the comment section, Aremu’s younger brother Gabriel Afolayan wrote in Yoruba, “Your head has finally spun this boy.”

Aremu is the son of the late Adeyemi Afolayan popularly known as Ade Love.

His other siblings include filmmaker Kunle Afolayan and actress Moji Afolayan.

Actress Toyin Afolayan alias Lola Idije is his aunt.

Aremu is estranged from his older brother Kunle who described him as stupid for saying in a 2019 interview that their father Ade Love was poor and could barely provide for his family in spite of his fame.