Apostle Suleman posts photos with wife after countering infidelity rumour

Apostle Johnson Suleman and wife, Lizzy

President of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide Apostle Johnson Suleman on Sunday posted photos of himself and wife Lizzy on Facebook.

The couple held each other in the photos dressed in matching outfits.

The Facebook post followed a week of rumour of sexual relationship with multiple actresses.

A blogger alleged that some 30 actresses, including Shan George and Queen Nwokoye, had sexual relations with Suleman.

Some of the actresses on the list have since debunked the allegations.

Suleman also reacted to the allegations. Speaking at his church’s crusade tagged Mighty Turnaround last Wednesday, the preacher said he was immune to controversial statements.

“They say I know them. Some of them are people who have come to my church. I should deny my children because you are writing something? The list is not long. Make it 200,” the outspoken cleric said.

“If you stop, you are not serious…I am the one that will disappear that blog. You attack politician. You attack celebrity. You come come my place, you don enter my trap. Is that the rubbish you want to write?

“Should they give you money? They should pay you for this nonsense?” He asked.

Suleman challenged the Instagram blogger to reveal his or her identity.

“If you are brave, reveal your identity. You can’t be hiding. Reveal your identity, drop your address and let’s pay you a visit,” he said.