Apologise or face legal actions, Nedu’s ex-wife tells comedian Osama

Uzoamaka Ohiri Nedu ex-wife

Uzoamka Ohiri, ex-wife of OAP Nedu wazobia has told comedian Osama Akpuonu to pull down his Instagram post and retract his statement about her alleged infidelity to her ex-husband Nedu.

Osama in an Instagram post on Saturday, September 4, accused Uzoamaka of domestic violence and infidelity, a few hours after the latter accused Nedu of domestic violence.

“If Nedu won’t talk about this issue, I will. I have been there from day one and I know everything, not just me, plenty other people. The domestic violence this woman is claiming is funny because Nedu is even the one suffering the domestic violence. He had to run out of the house in 2017 without any clothes, just his car.

“Did you tell them that the pregnancy that made both of you marry turned out not to be Nedu’s child? Did you tell them also that the child belongs to your elder sister’s husband?” he wrote in parts.

Uzoamaka through her lawyers on Wednesday, made an Instagram post, promising to take legal actions against Osama if he does not apologise to her.

“The defamation story was cynically published on social media without regard for our client’s hard-earned reputation. In the circumstances, it is our client’s demand that you retract or cause to be retracted the said published words and tender an unreserved apology to our client,” the statement read in parts.