Another use for ‘pure water’


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The other day while waiting at an hotel lobby in Owerri for a car to take me to Awka to meet up an appointment, I saw a former minister of state majestically walk in. Since it had been a long while we saw last, we exchanged a lot of pleasantries and hugs. But I got so turned off when he started to bullshit by telling me about the new mansion he was building. Which one is my own? I wondered. I know this guy in Abuja already has over 35 posh buildings in choice places. Another blood mansion, again????

Ironically, that same morning, I was watching the news on AIT and like most Nigerians I was assaulted by the greedy kleptomaniac tendency of our so called leaders, particularly of a former minister of petroleum, as they reeled out all the billions she allegedly stole. Oh my!! So much impunity in the land of thieves and grand looters.

I know Nigeria has enough to adequately satisfy the basic needs of the common man, but not enough to satisfy the greed of some.

What’s trending on social media now is the blind and obnoxious greed by our thieving leaders. It has brought the greed of some to limelight, and we the populace sit like mumus, waiting to see the consequences.

My people, look at the kinda hardship and poverty Naijas are faced with these days. Have you taken a closer look at people’s faces these days? Have you heard the very sad stories of people struggling to keep it together?  It is all around us. And when greed is rampant, eventually there comes a crash. How can they deny us, a whole people, a respectable livelihood by impoverishing us just so that they can have an elitist lifestyle by stealing what belongs to all of us? Na go punish wicked people.

Now my question for you all is, why should we allow it to be safe for them to thrive in this kinda bad environment they created for us all?

Saga number two: The so-called secret ministerial list is finally out, only for us Nigerians, placid as usual, to discover that it is still some of the same old questionable names bandied around. I personally know that some of them are the same greedy mofos that have economically destroyed our economy. Is this the change? Is this how we want to fight this excessive greed by our Yahoo Yahoo leaders? I’m angry with myself to think I was fooled by the wait, expecting that maybe just this time, there would be a change. Indeed Nigeria has become a never ending story.

Greed and the blind lust for wealth and power are the only motivating factors  for our Yahoo Yahoo leaders offer to serve forever in government.

I ask you, how long can we endure the raping  of our country by this small number of people who are not only blindly tolerated, but encouraged by the majority, for reasons that are far beyond my grasp of what is right and what is wrong? It is like most of us are waiting for an opportunity to go steal our own. Those of us who stand by and only watch are as guilty as those perpetrators themselves.

I know that in more developed societies, when people are disappointed with a performance, they throw eggs or tomatoes at the actors. I know sey eggs dey cost here but what about throwing ‘pure water’ at this riff raff when we see them? Maybe that way, they will cool down for Jesus and start to obey the rule which says thou shall not steal.

God punish yeye people.