Another Nigerian woman rescued from Lebanon

Nigerian woman rescued from Lebanon

Days after Omolola Ajayi was rescued from Lebanon, another Nigerian woman has been brought back to the country also from Lebanon.

Gloria Bright, mother of two, left Nigeria in October 2019 through a travel agency after signing for a two-year work agreement in Lebanon.

She said she was told she would be teaching English language on arrival.

Ms Bright was, however, converted into domestic work without pay.

“The experience wasn’t a nice one in Lebanon; they take advantage of some ladies. I just want to thank God for bringing me back home safely,” she told journalists.

“I left October 25, 2019, to work and I was told that I’ll teach English to the children there, but when I got there, it was a housemaid work.”

But a representative of the travel agency which worked out her trip to Lebanon, Adetuni Sanusi, said Bright had prior knowledge of the job.

“When she got to Lebanon, we kept in touch with her, she was in communication with us, the agency and that she was happy that everything is going fine and the family she was working for are fine,” Mr Sanusi said.

“I was shocked to hear her say that she was asked to go over there to teach and in Lebanon, their lingua franca is French and Arabic, so I wouldn’t know why we would recruit her for the purpose of teaching.”