Another bipolar case? Reactions trail Chacha Eke’s latest alarm on marriage crisis

Nigerians have taken to social media to react to actress Chacha Eke’s latest alarm about her marriage crisis, asking if her cry for help was a result of the bipolar disorder she claimed she was suffering from.

For the second time in two years, Chacha announced the end of her nine-year-old marriage to movie director, Austin Faani.

The actress left a shocking message for her 4 million followers on Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday, June 28, where she revealed that she has been living lie.

The 34-year-old further stated that her estranged husband should be held responsible if she suddenly goes incommunicado.

Reacting to the latest crisis on Instagram, some Nigerians wondered if the actress made the announcement as a publicity stunt, others questioned whether she was reacting to the bipolar disorder she claimed she suffered from.

Fola wrote: “She called herself Bi polar just to protect her abuse? Stockholm syndrome pass like this?”

“Could it be the bipolar again? Someone find out before we the social media Inlaw put mouth,” Kelvano wrote.

Milly wrote: “She even denied her elder brother becos of this. Light and love.”

Fantasma wrote: “Chacha is the only woman I know that defends her marriage with bipolar! Hope she doesn’t come back with the same Line.”

Adaeze wrote: “Hope you won’t come back to tell us it’s another Bipolar case you are suffering from?”

“Don’t tell us is bipolar again ooo, love and light,” Omariene added.

Mr Vic wrote: “Marriage? Omoh ko east oh! A lot of youths do not know what’s ahead shaa! A peaceful marriage is the best gift any couple can ask for after good health! Money can’t buy that peace bruh!”

In October 2020 Chacha announced that her marriage to Austin Fanni has ended, disclosing that he assaulted her.

She, however, retracted her statement, stating that the drama that surrounded her marriage at the time was due to the bipolar disorder she was suffering from.

The mother of four later released a video stating that she was still with her husband and that she would not leave her marriage.