Ali Baba mocks Tanko Muhammed’s outfit

Ali Baba Alibaba

Comedian Ali Baba on Tuesday mocked Chief Justice of Nigeria Tanko Muhammed over an outfit the latter wore.

The comedian uploaded a photo of Tanko wearing an oversized coat on Instagram.

“If I hear anyone say our Chief Justice of the Federation is not suitable for the office he occupies, I am going to be very cross with that person.

“A wise man once said and I coat, ‘The essence of a wise man is beyond what he wears. It’s in what you hear him say’. Uncoat,” he wrote.

Reacting in the comment section, fellow comedian Lepacious Bose also shaded the outfit saying, “Let it be known that the only coat that matters is the wig and the gown. The rest is undergarments! Uncoat.”