Old video of Ali Baba tackling Nollywood actresses over source of income resurfaces

Ali Baba Alibaba

Comedian Ali Baba has tackled some Nollywood actresses over their source of income.

In an old video that has gone viral, Ali Baba questioned the source of income of some actresses who display wealth on social media.

According to the 57-year-old, those who have been in the industry for years do not display such wealth on social media.

“You are an actress how many movies have you done that gave you 45 million to buy a house You that just joined the industry. The people that have been in the industry since did not buy. I may be tempted to mention names but I will not.

“We went to Dubai one time and I see this actress comes in and a person came to say here is your key and she went upstairs and two days later I see her posting lounging in Dubai. Can you buy your ticket? The ones that do business and make money we know them. We know the ones that use their popularity do business that is different.”

Last month, actress Hilda Dokubo stated that some of her colleagues paint the wrong pictures on social media.

The post was made following the abduction of Igbo actors Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornel who have now been released.