Aisha Yesufu’s son with dyslexia graduates from UK varsity

Amir Yesufu, son of the co-founder of Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement Aisha Yesufu, has graduated from Regent University, London, UK.

The proud mother could not contain her joy on Twitter on Wednesday where she announced her son, who was diagnosed with dyslexia, had bagged a bachelor of arts degree in film and screen.

“When you were told your son will not be able to go to university. When you had prepared your mind to him not being a graduate and God proves you wrong! At 14 we took him to a school in England, today at 22 he is a graduate,” Mrs Yesufu wrote.

The social activist and her younger child Aliyyah attended Amir’s graduation.

Yesufu said one of her son’s teachers, a professor, confirmed he is a kind fellow. According to her, she teaches her children to score an “A in humanity”. She also revealed that her son had never attended a public school.

Yesufu shared photos of Amir’s graduation from nursery school. She also called for schools in Nigeria to plan towards catering for students with special needs.

“Inspite of the fact that places like UK cater for children with learning disabilities in their school systems they still have private schools specifically for children with learning disabilities. My son attended one,” Yesufu noted.

Many Nigerians on social media have congratulated her and her son on his graduation including former presidential candidate Oby Ezekwesili who is also a former minister and co-founder of BBOG.