Agip Oil Delta station shut down over alleged non-CSR

Residents of Tuomo community, host to Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, have shut down the company’s oil/gas facility over alleged breach of agreement and failure to provide basic necessities for the community.

The community led by the chairman Tomke Binebai gathered at the facility on Monday with placards, calling on the company to meet its end of the agreement.

Their placards read, “We say no to Agip, enough is enough; Agip, provide our light, no light no work; Tuomo community will not allow Agip to work until we get our light.”

Speaking on behalf of the people, Mr Binebai said, “Tuomo people have taken their decision against Agip and we’ll remain here until our demands are met.

“Agip has been promising and deceiving us since their operation here in 2009, they promised to provide light for Tuomo as their host. If you go to their station, there’s steady electricity supply but their host community is in total darkness.”

“Enough of this insult and embarrassment, we’ve taken our decision and if they really want to operate here, let them light up Tuomo, pay the surveillance chances, employ our youths and adhere to the GMoU,” he added.

Binebai alleged that since inception Agip had not employed a single youth in the community.